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Product Image PO02 Forefoot Offloading Post-Op Shoe

PO02 Forefoot Offloading Post-Op Shoe

Fully lined light-weight shoe designed to offload the forefoot using a rigid EVA sole that can be modified in many different ways. The durable nylon upper, firm heel counter and anterior and posterior ankle and midfoot velcro fasteners make this shoe adjustable enough to fit any foot.

The 8º forefoot wedge rolloff can be modified and soft 8mm thick EVA insole can be removed for easy replacement with a custom orthotic footbed, or an aperture can simply be added to offload the ulcer site. The shoe has a protective toe guard to prevent the foot from slipping distally and protection from minor scuffing.

Perfect for:

  • Plantar forefoot ulceration
  • Metatarsal and other forefoot fractures
  • Following forefoot surgery such as bunionectomies, hammertoe procedures and Morton's Neuroma excision.
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