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Product Image PA08 FootRaise Swedish AFO

PA08 FootRaise Swedish AFO


  • Provides static dorsiflexion of the foot and mild spring in dynamic gait
  • Helps to provide to mild lateral stability in the frontal plane
  • Injection moulded to provide stronger, more rigid polyethylene
  • Thinner footplate that can be trimmed with regular scissors or ground back with using our range of Gotz grinders

The FootRaise Swedish AFO is a lightweight ankle-foot-orthotic that has a thin enough footplate to allow gluing a custom foot orthotic for more precise foot correction. It has a low arch meaning that it can be fitted into almost any shoe.

For further adjustment of the splint, a heat gun can be used to form the polyethylene. The padded hook-and-loop strap secures the AFO around the calf.

Available in left or right, large and small sizes to suit almost any foot and shoe.

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