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Product Image Elevate Drop Foot Brace

Elevate Drop Foot Brace

Elevate is designed in response to what foot drop patients endure daily. We take an average of 10,000 steps per day, and with foot drop this can be exhausting amount of wear on both the body, and the brace you trust your condition to. We’ve listened to many of the needs & complaints of foot drop patients frustrated with the short lived, and flimsy, or uncomfortable, stiff, bulky braces currently on the market. These needs inspired the innovation and concepts for elevate. Patients will experience comfort, full function, versatile shoe style options, with life-angle control, and the least expensive foot drop brace for the durability and quality available.

Versatility & Style:

  • Elevate™ eliminates the intruder in your shoe: Freedom
  • Diversity in shoe style: Elevate frees you to wear practically any shoe in your closet.
  • This low profile brace can be customised to the size and contour of your ankle.
  • No predetermined angle, place angle at any degree, and control side to side weakness 


  • Customise your needed lift-angle and enjoy quick tension release using BOA Technology.  
  • EVA foam and our specially designed shape rests with comfort around your ankle.
  • Perforations allow breathability       
  • Trim as needed to customise brace to your ankle size
  • Customise how snug or loose the brace fits at any time

Comfort & Function:

  • Custom lift with quick tension release as desired with powerful BOA Technology 
  • Elevate™ eliminates the intruder in your shoes 
  • Strong hook and loop secure the brace, while buckle is snapped for added support
  • EVA foam give comfort around the ankle, while the foot is elevated by the strength of the BOA’s system 


Elevate Brace $199.00

Eyelet Hook Kit (C-Hook Kit) $34.95

Spectra Cord Replacement Kit (cord and screwdriver) $34.95

Extra Eyelets (set of 8) $15.00



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