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Product Image Dermatonics Once Heel Balm

Dermatonics Once Heel Balm

Dermatonics Heel Balm is an excellent heel balm for rough, dry and hard skin and is only available to healthcare professionals.

Dermatonics is for the treatment and prevention of anhydrosis, or rough dry feet. It is also very effective means of maintaining the condition of foot skin. Dermatonics Heel Balm contains 25% urea in a rich emollient base and is free of perfume and parabens.


96% of users demonstrated an improvement after one 60ml tube and over 50% of users of Dermatonics have a noticeable improvement in skin condition after just 3 applications.

Dermatonics increases hydration in foot skin by over 250% over 14 days.


For use on rough dry thickened skin on the sole of the foot. Contains lanolin.

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