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Frequently Asked Questions

Foot Care Solutions® Australia has compiled a list of our frequently asked questions about our products, prices and shipping.


Q: Why is Foot Care Solutions® Australia cheaper than other distributors?

Foot Care Solutions® Australia was founded by podiatrists Greg Dower and Darren Stewart in order to meet their needs for premium podiatry products in their various my FootDr™ podiatry centres. Greg and Darren travel around the world to source the best foot and lower limb care products on the planet.

By purchasing these products direct from the manufacturers, we can obtain the best prices possible. However, to secure these incredible prices, minimum order quantities (MOQs) can be significantly higher than required by our podiatry centres.

This means we can pass on these savings directly to our customers. We hope that you enjoy using our products in your clinics as much as we do.


Q: Why should I buy products from Foot Care Solutions®?

All of our products are used every day in our own podiatry centres and as such we have an incredible technical product knowledge. Our products are designed and sourced by podiatrists for podiatrists and they have a proven track record in one of Australia's largest podiatry groups.

Please contact us with any technical enquiries or suggestions for new products we should distribute.


Q: How do I login and order products?

To view pricing and order products, you must be a foot healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist, orthotist, physiotherapist or doctor and have a customer account with us.

In order to set up your account with Foot Care Solutions® Australia, request your customer account here.


Q: I am not a foot and lower limb healthcare professional. Can I order products from Foot Care Solutions® Australia?

We are a distributor for premium podiatry products for healthcare professionals throughout Australia. This means we do not sell our products directly to the general public.

If you are a healthcare professional and require a customer account to view pricing and order products, please don't hesitate to request your customer account.


Q: How is shipping handled?

When you check out, you will be given a choice of road or air freight via courier or Australia Post Parcel and Express options. Due to the varying nature of how we must package and determine shipping costs, your shipping fees are determined at the time of packaging.

This way, we minimise shipping fees by passing on the exact cost to you in a separate invoice, typically collated at the end of the month.

We prefer to use TNT and Australia Post.


Q: How does Foot Care Solutions® calculate and bill shipping when prepaying with a credit card?

As above, we only pass on the actual shipping cost to our customers. We prefer to use TNT due to their cheaper costs and faster turn around times, but some locations around Australia preclude this so we use other companies on occasion.

We are billed by these companies at the end of the month and typically send out invoices to our customers at this time. This means we do not have to guess shipping costs, as many companies do, which saves you money.


Q: What payment methods does Foot Care Solutions® accept?

Foot Care Solutions® accepts credit card (Visa, MasterCard), cheque and invoice with customer accounts on 14-day terms.