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Orthotic Manufacturing

Foot Care Solutions brings the very best in orthotic manufacturing machinery from countries like Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy which is now used in over 50 podiatry practices and orthotic / prosthetic clinics across Australia.

We also provide the finest quality tools and consumables to keep your orthotic manufacturing facility operating smoothly. As safety is always a priority in modern orthotic laboratories, we recommend Renia Ortec glue, which does not contain highly toxic toluene found in most other adhesives.

Please browse our products in this category and don’t hesitate to contact us for more technical information.

We are also affiliated with ORTHEMA™ AUSTRALASIA. Orthema is the next generation of CAD/CAM foot orthotic fabrication systems. It is the system of choice for many podiatrists, orthotists and sports medicine doctors across Australia with over 100 pieces of machinery sold in just 4 years.

Find out why many of your colleagues have switched to Orthema’s state of the art CAD/CAM orthotic systems by visiting the Orthema™ Australasia website.X